upper triangular matrix

upper triangular matrix

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  • Triangular matrix — In the mathematical discipline of linear algebra, a triangular matrix is a special kind of square matrix where the entries either below or above the main diagonal are zero. Because matrix equations with triangular matrices are easier to solve… …   Wikipedia

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  • Matrix (mathematics) — Specific elements of a matrix are often denoted by a variable with two subscripts. For instance, a2,1 represents the element at the second row and first column of a matrix A. In mathematics, a matrix (plural matrices, or less commonly matrixes)… …   Wikipedia

  • Matrix exponential — In mathematics, the matrix exponential is a matrix function on square matrices analogous to the ordinary exponential function. Abstractly, the matrix exponential gives the connection between a matrix Lie algebra and the corresponding Lie group.… …   Wikipedia

  • Crout matrix decomposition — In linear algebra, the Crout matrix decomposition is an LU decomposition which decomposes a matrix into a lower triangular matrix (L), an upper triangular matrix (U) and, although not always needed, a permutation matrix (P). The Crout matrix… …   Wikipedia

  • Band matrix — In mathematics, particularly matrix theory, a band matrix is a sparse matrix whose non zero entries are confined to a diagonal band, comprising the main diagonal and zero or more diagonals on either side. Contents 1 Matrix bandwidth 2… …   Wikipedia

  • Pascal matrix — In mathematics, particularly matrix theory and combinatorics, the Pascal matrix is an infinite matrix containing the binomial coefficients as its elements. There are 3 ways this can be achieved either as an upper triangular matrix, a lower… …   Wikipedia

  • Normal matrix — A complex square matrix A is a normal matrix if where A* is the conjugate transpose of A. That is, a matrix is normal if it commutes with its conjugate transpose. If A is a real matrix, then A*=AT. Hence, the matrix is normal if ATA = AAT.… …   Wikipedia

  • Matriz triangular — En álgebra lineal, una matriz triangular es un tipo especial de matriz cuadrada cuyos elementos por encima o por debajo de su diagonal principal son cero. Debido a que los sistemas de ecuaciones lineales con matrices triangulares son mucho más… …   Wikipedia Español

  • Jordan matrix — In the mathematical discipline of matrix theory, a Jordan block over a ring R (whose identities are the zero 0 and one 1) is a matrix which is composed of 0 elements everywhere except for the diagonal, which is filled with a fixed element… …   Wikipedia

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